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Why We March - Ellen

On Friday afternoon, Virginia and Monta will be hopping into Greeley's car with today's featured marcher to begin our road trip to the Women's March on Washington. When Ellen came into pick up some pink yarn to knit her first pussy hat we chatted about the importance of being present for this particular moment in history.

What is your name and what crafts do you practice? Ellen - quilter and knitter

Why did you decide to march on January 21, 2017?
I am struggling to even articulate a succinct answer. Reassurance that humanity is real and motivation to do everything I can to protect it.
How does handcraft/craft/handmade help you as you navigate these uncertain times? 
Quilting and knitting is something that clams me down, so at the moment, it is a coping strategy. And needless to say, I've been quite prolific in my crafting since November...
Did you make something to bring to the Women's March?
I've been knitting pussyhats. I hope to have 3-4 ready to share by the end of the week.
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