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Where to put it all?

This used to be a blog post about the 449 pounds of yarn that was delivered to our house.  But for some reason the post disappeared.  Like it's gone.  Sometimes the internet slays me.  

Anyway, 1,700 skeins of yarn weighs a lot.  1,700 skeins of yarn in awkwardly large boxes are a pain to walk up three flights of stairs.  And we have to carry those very same boxes down the stairs.  Along with boxes from Farmhouse Yarns, Cloud 9 Fabrics, Robert Kaufman, Rowan, and so much more.  

Our home is slowly being overtaken by the shop inventory.  We won't be able to ship directly to the shop until February but we wanted to get a head start on pricing, photographing, plugging it all into our point-of-sale system.  But we had no idea that enough inventory for a 1,200 square foot shop would take up so much space.  Or that it would be so heavy!

But it sure is heavenly fabric and fiber.  Can't wait to share it all with you!