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Team Renovation Paints!

After a week of serious carpentry a bunch of real nice people came over and helped us paint every square inch of the space.  I can't believe how different things look after a couple coats of Mythic eggshell latex paint in Parrafin.  Seriously, it's gorgeous.

The Ikea tables for the sewing machines and small people chairs for our "little stitchers classes" got built and stained. I love the bright colors but also still being able to see the wood grain.  I think it's a lot more fun than a world of pine furniture.  And the cabinets for the bathroom and general "hang out" area were put together - they are having their counter tops installed today while I do important things like blog and order books.

Joe came over and started the "map" of Cambridge on one of the walls.  Why is this man even helping us?  He's too cool!  The mural is awesome and he isn't even finished.  Wait until you see it in person, you are going to love every single brush stroke, I swear.  You'll recognize a few landmarks and wish you had one of these maps for keeps.

Everything is coming together.  We'll start loading the shelves with product tomorrow.  And dressing up the dress forms with the samples my super geniusy friend, Liz, whipped up.  I can't wait for you to see the Oliver + S outfits she made using Cloud 9 fabrics, we'll do a little photo shoot soon and share her mad skillz in another post.  (She's also really good with a paint roller!)

While I could use a day off, I am so ecstatic at all we accomplished that I'm happy to keep plugging along.  And I'm buoyed by my wonderful and generous friends without whom I'd still be painting those shelves.  At one point Sunday I looked up from my little painting project and counted a dozen other people also painting (or sanding or staining) and I cried (forgive me, I'm a little tired) some happy tears.  gather here is truly being created by a community for a community and I'm so freakin' happy (and touched) about that!