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Tea Hive

We love meeting people who are passionate about small business. Like Rebecca, the founder of Tea Hive. We fell in love Tea Hive's mission: "We are a hive, a place where drinkers, growers, blenders, and sellers can come together to celebrate and explore where our tea comes from, what we drink it in, and who we drink it with."

Rebecca is an archaeologist by training, specializing in studying the relationship between ancient peoples and their environment. Rebecca found that the best part of her travels was the vast variety of teas and tea rituals that she discovered wherever she went. She constantly collected these new teas (and teawares) bringing them back for family and friends. Rebecca founded Tea Hive in the spring of 2017 to share her passion for discovering high quality, artisanal, and unique tea with others.

Rebecca will be attending our very special Knitter's Brunch with guest artist, Melody Hoffman, on Saturday, June 16, 2018 from 10 AM to 12 PM. Rebecca will have hot tea (and if it's sweltering she may have some iced tea as well) to sample as well as various products that she has available in her online shop like subscriptions, individual teas, and tea sets. Fingers crossed she'll still have some tea-infused chocolates, too!

To see what Tea Hive is up to you should totally check out their Instagram. It's lovely and cozy. And you'll learn about their other collaborations with local businesses like their new tea mugs created by Annie Buchholz.