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Kickstarter Backer Feature: Tim Kardatzke

photo by Matthey J. Lee from the Boston Globe

A very wise customer suggested we share some of the reasons why a variety of the folks that have pledged to back our Kickstarter campaign made that choice. As if it wasn't enough to get all weepy each time someone new makes a contribution, the answers we've received today to our request have been kind and thoughtful just like each of you. Today we feature Tim Kardatzke who is also a small business owner, his company East Cambridge Handyman Services has come to our rescue a couple of times.

When did you discover gather here?

I remember reading about it either before or right after you opened. I stopped by with my family that first month to look around and see what a stitch lounge looked like. I was just starting to learn how to knit and it was immensely helpful to know that help and resources were never far away.

What is your craft and how does gather here support it?

I sew and knit, primarily for my daughter and some for myself. I have taken 3-4 classes and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. All of my knitting supplies come from Gather Here. For sewing, i look to GH for notions, material, and sometimes patterns. I also know that if I wanted to pick up another craft I would be able to find the support I needed to get started.

Have you backed a Kickstarter campaign before? What was it?

This is my first Kickstarter contribution.

There are thousands of Kickstarter campaigns that could use funding, why did you chose this one?

Since I have known and supported GH from very close to the beginning I feel invested in the well-being of a business that I love. Also being able to see the tangible results is appealing.

Is there a particular reward that you think makes this campaign unique?

I like all the rewards, but especially the events that take place in the store.

What would you tell someone who isn't sure about funding a Kickstarter Campaign?

If possible I would tell them to visit. While, sure it is a store, for many people it is much more than that and has clearly filled a need in the community.

The Kickstarter Campaign ends on January 15th. If you can and feel so inclined, please take a moment and back us. You contribution supplements the generous funding from the building owner and grants from the City of Cambridge. Don't underestimate the value of sweat equity, either. We've poured a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this DIY project and we think you'll be able to tell. We can't wait to make 1343 Cambridge Street our home and we hope you'll think of it as your second home, too.