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Kickstarter Backer Feature: Esmé and April

A very wise customer suggested we share some of the reasons why a variety of the folks that have pledged to back our Kickstarter campaign made that choice. As if it wasn't enough to get all weepy each time someone new makes a contribution, the answers we've received to our request have been kind and thoughtful just like each of you. Today we'd like to introduce you to Esmé who is nine. And actually doesn't remember living in Cambridge without gather here which was maybe the thing that warmed all of our collective hearts (imagine a world where there was always a stitch lounge down the road from you that you spent your childhood making things at!). We've all had the pleasure of teaching and helping Esmé and it's like she's always been a part of our lives, too. Some additional thoughts by Esmé's parent, April.

When did you discover Gather Here?

I don't know.... it was so long ago I can't even remember! I guess Gather Here was always just there. It's always been a place to meet new friends and see old friends, and make amazing things, stitch by stitch.

April: I could also add that I found you all while you were still setting up, and we pulled over the car to see what all the amazing color was! What joy!

What is your craft and how does Gather Here support it?

I like to sew! I took sewing lessons at Gather Here for a very long time, and I'll probably start taking them again soon. I mostly make dresses, but I also make bags, lots of bags, and I used to make skirts a lot. Once I made shorts. Gather Here helps me sew because it has sewing machines, fabrics, and threads. I like picking out fabrics there.

April: I've taken E there since she was teeny tiny, to see creative people and to be cheered on in her own creativity by some seriously badass, kind and wonderful people and I will be thankful my whole life long for that support of a young, creative and kind mind. Whatever I can do to help that community thrive and grow, I will.

Have you backed a Kickstarter campaign before? What was it?

If I did, I don't remember. I don't think I did. But I'm pretty sure that Mommy and Daddy have.

There are thousands of Kickstarter campaigns that could use funding, why did you chose this one?

I don't really know about all the Kickstarter campaigns around town. And even if I did, I would choose Gather Here because it is awesome! I love the shop, I love the materials it has to offer, and most of all I love the people there.

Is there a particular reward that you think makes this campaign unique?

Just having the new location! :)

What would you tell someone who isn't sure about funding a Kickstarter Campaign?

It would depend on the campaign. But for the Gather Here campaign, first I would ask if they knew Gather Here, and if they didn't I would take them there and show them some stuff I made. If they did know Gather Here, and were uncertain, I would remind them how awesome Gather Here is, how it is a local place, and how awesome the people are there. I would remind them that it will really mean something to t he people of Gather Here when the new location will open, and how we should help them with that!

The Kickstarter Campaign ends on January 15th. If you can and feel so inclined, please take a moment and back us. You contribution supplements the generous funding from the building owner and grants from the City of Cambridge. Don't underestimate the value of sweat equity, either. We've poured a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this DIY project and we think you'll be able to tell. We can't wait to make 1343 Cambridge Street our home and we hope you'll think of it as your second home, too.