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Kickstarter Backer Feature: Amy Small

above: Amy's amazing photo shoot of her Snow Bunny cabled hat and Marled Cocoon Scarf.

A very wise customer suggested we share some of the reasons why a variety of the folks that have pledged to back our Kickstarter campaign  made that choice. As if it wasn't enough to get all weepy each time someone new makes a contribution, the answers we've received to our request have been kind and thoughtful just like each of you.

Today we would like to introduce you to Amy Small of Knit Collage Yarns . When Virginia began dreaming up gather here she created a list of "must have" brands for their initial opening. And "future" brands if their first six months were successful. Knit Collage was on the "must have" list because it was so unique and at the time, only available online. Amy's business helps improve the lives of others  and she is an inspirational business owner. 

When did you discover gather here?

I first discovered gather here right when Virginia and Noah were opening the shop. The timing was perfect because I was just about to move to Boston. I was so excited (and desperate!) to find crafty people in the area that loved yarn and crafting as much as me.


What is your craft and how does gather here support it?

I design and own the small yarn company Knit Collage. Gather Here has been a stockist of our yarns as long as they have had their doors open!

above: Tuck in sweater Amy knit from Madeline Tosh yarn she picked up at gather here.

Have you backed a Kickstarter campaign before? What was it?

Yes! The last one I backed was a new idea for a knitting magazine.

There are thousands of Kickstarter campaigns that could use funding, why did you chose this one?

I honestly didn't even have to watch the video (although I did!) because you had me at kickstarter. Virginia and Noah have done such an amazing job of creating a gorgeous shop where each product is carefully hand chosen and brought in, supporting local makers and small business wherever they can. On top of that, they've created a wonderful, supportive and inspiring community of makers. As a small business owner, it is such an inspiration to see how well they somehow juggle it all and somehow make it look easy and fun! A bigger, better store means more room for fantastic handmade products, crafting supplies and even more awesome classes. I can't wait!

Is there a particular reward that you think makes this campaign unique?

I didn't need any reward to get me excited!

What would you tell someone who isn't sure about funding a Kickstarter Campaign?

That it is a great way to support small businesses you love.

above: Amy wearing her Champion Ribbon made with Lizzy House.

The Kickstarter Campaign ends on January 15th. If you can and feel so inclined, please take a moment and back us. You contribution supplements the generous funding from the building owner and grants from the City of Cambridge. Don't underestimate the value of sweat equity, either. We've poured a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this DIY project and we think you'll be able to tell. We can't wait to make 1343 Cambridge Street our home and we hope you'll think of it as your second home, too.