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July 2018 Trunk Shows

We have two beautiful trunk shows in the shop through the end of July and we hope you'll drop in and check them out.

The first is from Quince & Co. and features their cleaner cotton yarn, Willet. These five sweaters are fresh and modern and a pleasure to knit. Great for knitting on the dock or the porch or in the comfort of your air conditioning.

The other show is from Swans Island and features their new yarn, Dip Dyed DK as well as Ikat Firefly. A lovely collection of indigo and off-white, it looks and feels like summer on the east coast. For those cooler evenings in a coastal town or in the White Mountains when you need another layer. And let's be honest, if you are anything like us, you might not even finish your project until autumn arrives so any of the sweaters or accessories in this 10 piece show will be pieces to treasure when summer passes.