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Get Out The Vote quilt show

A Modern Quilt show for these strange times. We argue about which election was the most important of our lifetime. I (Virginia) still believe it was 2000. I was speechless in a pub in Connecticut, Noah, a Canadian unfamiliar with US politics in his first year of graduate school, me a Gore supporter and climate activist. I remember the days and weeks following... Bush winning due the Supreme Court 5-4 decision to end the Florida recount. Bush won Florida by just 537 votes. Gore won the national popular vote and here we are today, still struggling to pass any real climate policies. I think 2016 is still fresh in our collective memory.

The 2020 Election is now THE Election. It will determine if this country truly believes that Black Lives Matter. It will decide if in America healthcare is a human right. And it will cement a woman's right to choose. This is not an election to sit out. It is an election to participate in, not only as a voter but as a volunteer (be a poll worker) and as an activist.

We celebrate the art of craftivism in the 2020 GOTV Modern Quilt Show. Displaying work in storefronts so that they are available for all to see and experience. And using our historically rich history of quilting to "get out the vote".

This show is juried by award-winning quilt designer, Maritza Soto, and gather here owner, Virginia B. Johnson. Submissions can be made HERE. Submissions will close on Sunday, September 20, 2020.