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February BT Trunk Show: Inscribed

We're super excited to share this new collection from Brooklyn Tweed. BT is nestled in the center of Portland, Oregon's Eastside and this year they are highlighting what makes their city and their company special. Bridge City celebrates the twelve bridges that arc over the Willamette River, ferrying industry and buoying Portland's rich culture of artists and dreamers. We'll be featuring all three chapters - kicking things off on February 8, 2020 with Chapter I.

Chapter I: Inscribed speaks to these structural feats that define Portland. Dynamic fabrics manifest, graffiti-like and effortless in striking colorwork and raised textural motifs.

Four patterns comprise Chapter I: Inscribed.

Etched, by Gudron Johnston, is a colorwork vest created in three colors of woolen-spun Loft. The construction of Etched incorporates both colorwork knitting in the round for the front as well as flat knit stockinette for the back.

McCoy, by Véronik Avery, is a colorwork yoke pullover, worked in the round from the bottom up, and incorporating both raglan and round-yoke shaping in Arbor. Designed for two and four colors - you decide!

Normandale, by Norah Gaughan, is a mosaic cardigan knit flat in one piece to the underarms, each row of the main body is worked using just one color with stitches of the other color slipped along the way. Normandale's shawl collar is created using brioche. Uses both Quarry and Arbor yarns.

And Ribsy, by Gudrun Johnston, is a textured hat worked in Peerie, an exploration of classic fisherman's rib, twin rib, and twisted rib. Worked from the crown, you can choose slouchy or fitted in the provided written or charted instructions.