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CLOSED on Saturday, January 29, 2022

We don’t make this decision lightly as hardcore New Englanders that don’t shy away from trekking uphill both ways in a blizzard 🤣 (at least that’s how we remember our youth). But we received the City of Cambridge’s Snow Emergency parking ban text - it starts at 11 PM tonight! - and figure keeping people at home and out of harms way is best for all.

So if you think you’ll need craft supplies before Snowpocalypse, FRIDAY - right now, is the day to come and get them (we close at 6 PM!). We plan on opening at noon on Sunday like normal unless the MBTA is down or there is a State of Emergency. So stay tuned (we'll likely share news on Instagram first). And be safe out there Saturday. Take the time to check on your neighbors, lend a hand getting those sidewalks cleared so essential workers can get around safely, and don’t buy all the french toast supplies 🍞🥛🥚! (Though french toast for a week isn't a bad idea.)

Thanks for understanding! And don’t forget you can always shop from the comfort of your home 24/7. Choose in-store pickup to make sure it’s yours after the snow stops ❤️.

Wondering what to make while watching the snow fall?

The Year of Bulky Hats: January's Wister

Teeny Tiny Matchbox Cross Stitch Kits! So freakin' cute.

Make a project bag with some of the new Rifle Paper Co canvas!

Crochet a Tiger - Lunar New Year kicks off soon!

The Embroidered Star Map is a fun embroidery project to commemorate the first big storm of 2022.