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Celebrate the Women in Your Small Business

If you don't follow us on Instagram you may have missed our two-day blitz of photos of the wonderful team of women that help make gather here the truly special, inclusive, and engaging place that you have grown to love. So we're sharing those photos on the blog just so you know who runs the world...

Clockwise starting in the upper left corner:

Jessamy is our store manager. She recently begun graduate school at MassArt as well as holding down a full-time job at gather here making things hum nicely Tuesday through Saturday! Jessamy is an avid maker and lover of good shoes.

Sue began working part-time at gather here in the spring of 2016. She volunteered to help up unpack and set up after we moved to 1343 Cambridge Street and we were thrilled to have her join our team.

Maritza began teaching patchwork and quilting in the summer of 2011. She's also taught sewing basics, knitting, and is now our resident crochet instructor. Maritza recently won the Freespirit Award of Quilting Excellence at the 2017 QuiltCon competition for her original piece, Go North.

Meg joined team gather here in December of 2014. Over the years she's taken on various roles seamlessly. In February of 2016 Meg became a certified Bernina technician and now teaches all of our Bernina machine workshops. She's also behind our very popular machine maintenance class! Plus if you have a super tricky knitting question she'll always be a dedicated knitter.

Clockwise starting in the upper left corner:

Kendra is our inventory manager. Kendra joined us after we had a couple inventory manager false starts and she's become key to keeping the shelves stocked with all our fiber essentials. With over 15,000 products, she's got plenty on her plate but she also helps out on the sales floor and is happy to assist with any quilting or knitting question.

Suriah is one of our children's program instructors and is also an illustrator when she's not here empowering folks with her sewing and fiber knowledge. Suriah shares all her creative endeavors on Instagram and it's been so fun to watch her illustrations develop.

Charlotte *just* joined team gather here in February. She graduated from the RISD fibers program and is an awesome machine knitter creating custom pieces for a variety of clients. But she also loves knitting by hand and has just posted her first pattern on Ravelry.

Greeley has been teaching knitting at gather here for almost two years now. She has been a customer since we opened. And over the years she has become a very good friend to us all. Greeley loves soft, luxurious Woolfolk yarns and creates beautiful sweaters and shawls all year long. When not sharing her love of knitting she is busy doing good in the nonprofit sector.

Molly is a poet and she also really loves crochet. We've made Molly learn to sew but we know what her true love is. Books. Molly continues to work as a copy editor when not writing poetry or making things.

Clockwise starting in the upper left corner:

Rebecca is a sewing instructor and teaches many of our introductory garment construction workshops like the Rae Skirt and the Scout Tee. Rebecca works at Harvard during the day and races to Inman Square once or twice a week to share her love of stitching. She is also an avid knitter and meets up with Monta on Fridays to do a knitting check-in.

Lisa is the newest member of team gather here having just joined the team at the end of February. Lisa works for an architect in Inman Square during the day and was a visitors assistant at the ICA for a couple of years. Lisa loves talking about art, community, and is a knitter.

Monta has worked part-time at gather here since 2014 but she was Virginia's first private sewing lesson when we first opened in 2011. Monta has always been a knitter but became interested in sewing while deciding if she wanted to pursue a career in architecture. Monta is a "sometime architect" and is really into being an AirBnB host.

Sara joined team gather here full-time in 2014. She coordinates our children's workshops - keeping track of children's progress, developing appropriate projects for their skill level, and making sure their time here is not only producing great handcrafts but also instilling each child with a sense of power and confidence. Sara is also a musician and you probably have seen her playing music somewhere in Greater Boston.

Emily began teaching embroidery this past fall when Marissa Falco relocated to Oakland, California. Emily caught our attention over the summer with her prize-winning embroidered mandala submission to the gather here craft olympics and her awesome Etsy shop. Emily also works down the street at one of our favorite restaurants, Puritan and Company. If you haven't been, you should check it out.