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A Day Without a Woman

We're hosting a postcard party from noon to 6 PM on Wednesday! There was much discussion about closing on March 8, 2017 in observance of the Women's March "A Day Without a Woman" call to action. But on November 9, 2016, gather here was one of the places that women and their allies visited to find comfort and community. I (Virginia) cannot imagine sitting at home alone refreshing the news on my phone. As a Filipina-American business owner and the employer of a dozen other women, I feel that it is actually my responsibility to stay open. And in being open, continue providing a space where those who feel marginalized and/or vulnerable can come and create with allies.

We'll have a hundred beautiful postcards designed and produced by artists, anne and kate and polly danger that we purchased just for this event. And we'll have some snacks. And great tunes. And addresses for our representatives as well as the chairs of congressional committees that may need a reminder of who they work for. Plus we bought a ton of postcard stamps.

We hope to see you here. Where there's plenty of beautiful things to remind you what we are all fighting for. Bring your knitting/crochet/embroidery/hand-stitching and hang out with us.

One last thing, thank you for your support over these past few months, it really has meant the world to me and to the entire gather here team. You've shown us time and again that we live in an amazing state and that we are truly stronger together.