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2019 Book Club!

If you are curious about Book Club and the direction we are heading in 2019 you should check out our official page. You'll learn about Jenna, the librarian and maker, leading Book Club as well as how we've selected this year's reads.

In January we'll be reading and discussing Michelle Obama's biography, BECOMING. Sign up to join our discussion on Tuesday, January 29th. (Book Club meets regularly on the last Tuesday of the month.) For those that can't attend but are thinking about joining us in the future. February's book is Oyinkan Braithwaite's novel, MY SISTER, THE SERIAL KILLER.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT:  Two sisters. The younger, more seductive sister has this one habit: all of her boyfriends end up dead. Her first call after she's killed one? Her older sister, Korede: the nurse, the fixer, the cleaner, the loyal pleaser. But when Ayoola shows up at Korede's work and the doctor Korede's in love with spots her and asks for her number, Korede is at a crossroads. She knows what happens to her sister's boyfriends when she is through with them. What will she do?

WHY YOU MIGHT LIKE IT: This is as much about what we will do for our sisters no matter what as it is about murder and serial killing. It's an intimate look at Nigerian family and the bounds of loyalty. What's more, it's dark but deeply sardonic, and whip short.

FOR FANS OF: Dark humor, comic deadpan writing, slashers, family portraits, debut authors, quick reads

Jenna Wolf is a library director at a boarding school just outside Boston by day, helping students discover their passions, do deep, meaningful, and well-rounded research, use cutting edge technology to tell their stories, and to inspire them to develop a reading life. As a member of Mvskoke Creek Nation, textile arts, beading, and other handiwork have always been intrinsic desires, and making, a way of life.  She cares deeply about the art of indigenous peoples, and how that traditional work informs every aspect of her process and product. Prior to a career in librarianship, she was a political, crime, and music reporter, in both Boston and Washington, D.C. She lives in Boston with her partner, Sean, and their canine, Jack, and attends at least one rock gig a week. You can find her work at