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BERNINA Presser Feet

Presser Foot Categories

General sewing

Looking for a presser foot that you can use for lots of different stitches? These universal presser feet are recommended as basic equipment. Some are already included with your machine.

Extraordinary feet for everyday sewing

  • Zig zag, straight-stitch or walking feet. They’re all here.
  • The basic presser feet that simplify your everyday sewing.


Buttons and buttonholes

BERNINA also has a solution for buttonholes. With the special buttonhole presser feet, you can create precise buttonholes in a jiffy. In addition, BERNINA also offers a foot for sewing on buttons quickly and easily.

Easy, breezy buttons and buttonholes

  • For precise buttonholes and snug buttons
  • Button hole length? There’s a foot for that
  • Easily sew on buttons, snap fasteners and eyelets


Elastic / stretch materials

Don't have an overlocker to hand? BERNINA offers special presser feet for working with stretch fabrics, such as stretch jersey, fabrics containing Lycra and wool.

Stretchy material conquered!

  • Special presser feet for elastic fabrics
  • Ideal for stretch jersey, Lycra and wool
  • Sew professional hems, waistbands and overlock seams



The zipper foot let you sew in all types of zippers with precision. Whether you want to sew in normal or invisible zippers - BERNINA has the right foot for you.

Quick and easy to the perfect zipper

  • Sew in all types of zippers with precision
  • There’s a foot for every zipper
  • Special presser foot for invisible zippers


Hems and topstitching

Whether binding an edge or hemming, BERNINA offers a wide range of presser feet that allow you to create the perfect hem finish. Visible and invisible hems can be produced with ease and precision, giving your work a professional look. It's also possible to create hems with lines of topstitching.

Finish like a pro on the right foot

  • Visible and invisible hems no problem
  • Achieve beautiful seams with topstitching
  • Get decorative finishes with Binder foot and various hemmers


Decorative sewing

BERNINA has suitable presser feet in its range for many different creative techniques. For example, appliqué work becomes easier with the appliqué foot.

Fancy designs call for fancy feet

  • Make it pretty with the perfect presser foot
  • Appliqué, ruffles, embroidery and much more
  • Create pintucks and piping in minutes



Patchworking is always popular among people of all ages. Patchwork expresses attention to detail and creativity. BERNINA has developed special patchwork feet to allow you to sew patchwork pieces together easily with a special seam allowance.

Perfect patchwork calls for patchwork feet

  • Achieve precision quilting easier
  • Take your mark with engraved ¼” markings
  • Sewing straight lines is a cinch



BERNINA quilting feet are ideal for elaborate quilting. The BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) regulates sewing speed and ensures that your stitches are always the same length; making free-motion quilting simple and fun.

Different kinds of feet for different kinds of quilting

  • Special presser feet for artful quilting
  • Stitch precisely with the BERNINA Stitch Regulator
  • Ruler foot for decorative quilting designs


Presser Feet for Overlocker

Get more from your overlocker with the right overlocker presser feet.

Perfect overlock stitches are a foot away

  • Presser feet for special applications
  • Easily gather and create elastic bands
  • Sew piping, strands of beads or sequins
  • Chain stitch and cover stitch feet


Presser Foot Basics

Your new BERNINA sewing machine works with a variety of presser feet and accessories. These presser feet are intended to be changed depending on the type of sewing you do.
BERNINA presser feet vary in width depending on the stitch width capacity of your machine. There are 3 types of feet; 'regular' 5.5mm feet, 9mm 'C' feet & Dual Feed feet.
BERNINA #1 presser foot
  • 'Regular' 5.5mm feet are identified by their foot number.
  • 9mm feet will have a number with a 'C' (for Coded). 'C' feet will be recognised by the machine and will allow for a 9mm stitch width.
  • Dual Feed feet are indicated with a 'D' on foot (they'll also have a number). The Dual Feed aids in feeding all layers through the foot at the same rate, like a walking foot. 'D' feet have a slot in the back made to accept the Dual Feed mechanism.

Download the complete BERNINA ACCESSORIES CATALOGUE to learn more.

If you have an older Bernina you might need Old Style (Legacy) Feet. You can learn more about them here.

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Presser foot videos

Click on a link below to view the video demo from BERNINA

Overlocker Foot: #2 & #2A

Button Holes: #3A (9 Hook Bobbin Machines)

Button Hole: #3 & 3A (Oscillating Bobbin Machines)

Zipper Foot: #4, #4D, #14D & #54

Invisible Zipper Foot #35

Blindstitch Hem Foot #5

Satin Stitching & Appliqué: #6 Embroidery Foot

Tailor Tack #7 Foot

Jeans Foot #8 & #8D

Darning & Free Motion: #9, #15, #25, #29 & #29C

Edgestitching: #10, #10C & #10D Edgestitch Foot

Decorative Top Stitching: Cordonnet Foot #11

Piping & Corded Edge: Bulky Overlock Foot #12 & #12C

Gathering Foot #16

Button Sew-On Foot #18

Decorative Stitches: Embroidery Feet # 6, #20, #20C, #20D, 39, #39C & #56

Pintuck #30 #31, #32, #33, #41 C

Lapseam #71

1/4″ Patchwork Foot: #97 & 97D Patchwork Foot (9 Hook Bobbin Machines)


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