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Calvin Cat Hand Stitching Kit

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Stitch Calvin Cat for yourself, make him a friend, or share the gift of stitching with someone special! He makes a wonderful gift, toy, and delightful holiday ornament!

Simply cut out the pattern and fabric inside, then stitch your kit together following step-by-step instructions and illustrations.
This kit includes all the basic materials needed to create Calvin Cat, and his fish.

Contents: Wool felt, wool stuffing, cotton pipe cleaners, hardware for overalls, black sew-in eyes, Glass beads for fish eyes, embroidery needle, Long darning needle, embroidery thread to match, directions, illustrations, and pattern.

Tools to gather from home:
Small sharp scissors & a bamboo skewer for stuffing.

Optional materials: You most likely have these at home too!
- Craft glue (for attaching the inner ear - you can also sew this)
- A small twig, long toothpick, or bamboo skewer for a fishing rod
- a candle or tea light to wax the whiskers
- A fine point, permanent felt tip pen (eyeliner and fur markings)

Calvin Cat is a level 3 kit which builds on the skills developed in level 1 and level 2 kits. It is intended to be made by adults and enjoyed by all ages (not suitable for children under 3).

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