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BERNINA-#54 Non-Stick Zipper Foot w/ Guide - New Style Feet-sewing machine feet-gather here online

#54 Non-Stick Zipper Foot with Guide

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Professional sewing on of zippers

Zipper foot with non-stick sole #54 sews zippers to "sticky" fabrics, producing exactly parallel sams as it does so - thanks to guide.

Zipper foot #54 with non-stick sole is especially suited to attaching zippers to "sticky" fabrics such as leather or plastic.Just like Zipper foot #14 /14D, Zipper Foot with Non-Stick Sole #54 features an Adjustable Guide on the top of the foot. This lets you sew perfectly even, parallel straight-stitched seams when edgestitching or attaching piping.

• Accurately sewing in zippers of all sizes
• The zipper will be sewn in straight and the edges topstitched precisely
• Non-stick coating on the sole ensures it slides smoothly
• For plastic, vinyl, leather, etc.
• For 5.5 mm and 9mm machines

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