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Woolfolk TOV II Trunkshow

Just arrived and on display, the TOV II trunk show from Woolfolk. Drawing inspiration from traditional Gansey knitwear, Tov II is a modern collection of men’s and womenswear garments and accessories, evoking the beauty and simplicity of coastal life. Tov and Tov DK, provide the impeccable stitch definition fundamental to the study of texture and style. Tov is 100% Ovis 21 Ultimate Merino® , Woolfolk's fiber originates from the innovative efforts of select wool farmers who care to responsibly steward the Patagonian Grasslands. Ultimate Merino's unique cylindrical structure and long flat scales allow the lustrous fiber to accept dyes with exceptional permanence and depth of color.

What we love about this trunk show:

effortless style in every piece, a great range of sizes which we've adorned our various sized dress forms with so you can see how the fabric drapes and fits, the soft and luxurious hand of Woolfolk's TOV is truly amazing. This show is full of inspirational and aspirational projects!

Come see the TOV II collection through March 25, 2018. We think you'll fall in love with Woolfolk (if you haven't already).