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Why We March - Jenny

Today we're thrilled to introduce a maker who's fashion sense is always on point. And so is her small biz, Margravine.   It's a wonder all of her pussy bows haven't sold out since the election from Melania's fuschia blouse to Evan Rachel Wood's drop dead gorgeous "white tie" for the Golden Globes. It's what we love about feminism - you can love fashion and love equal rights!
What's your name and what kind of crafts do you practice?
Hi! I'm Jen. I'm in love with all sorts of crafting, and my favorite kinds are sewing, screenprinting, and knitting/crocheting.
Why did you decide to march on January 21, 2017?
I'm marching on Saturday because sitting at home isn't an option for me. I want to be counted among the numbers of us who want our voices heard, and who are not willing to watch past progress become unraveled and future progress become halted.
How does handcraft/craft/handmade help you as you navigate these uncertain times?
I find making things with my hands to be stress-relieving and crafting is a perfect vehicle for expressing your points of view when you have something you need to say. I also find that collaborating on projects with like-minded people can be really cathartic, and I also love being a tiny part of the long tradition of women using crafting as a form of resistance.
Did you make something to bring to the Women's March?
I did! My friend Sarah and I have collaborated on a collection of screenprinted felt pennants and pins that we will be bringing to the march in Boston to hand out. Hope to see you out there!
gather here believes in a community for ALL people. And we strive to not only build up the community but also one another while also continuing to share our deep love for handcraft.