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Why We March - Lestra

We know that many of us wish we could do more right now. Each day we knit. Nearly the entire gather here staff has been knitting pussy hats for those who cannot knit. These hats will be worn in solidarity on Saturday, January 21, 2017 when thousands will march in Washington DC and sister cities across the country. We plot out our resistance banners - cutting out felt letters and stitching them onto linen, homage to the suffragettes. We channel our craft skills into ways to announce our commitment to equality and hope.

We've asked members of the gather here community to share why they are marching or making something for the march. These stories are part of the daily reminder that none of us is alone. And that ultimately, we are in this together.

What's your name and what kind of crafts do you practice?
Lestra Litchfield- I knit, quilt and paint, needlepoint and embroider among other things.

Why did you decide to march on January 21, 2017?
The results of this election have been so devastating to me and most people I know. Because of this there is a great need to make a visible statement and be with likeminded women and men. I also feel that standing up for injustice in a tangible way is important and it is important to model this for my daughters.

How does handcraft/craft/handmade help you as you navigate these uncertain times?
Funny- they have been extremely important both in a therapeutic sense; allowing me to focus on creating something beautiful, but also in a social sense. Attending the Gather Here pussy hat class, going to my knitting group or registering for a painting class that I have taken off and on for the past 15 years. I have felt the need to be engaged in my art/craft community. More to give me a sense of stability and grounding in what feels like an unstable times.

Did you make something to bring to the Women's March?
Many pink pussy hats for myself, my husband, daughter and friends.

gather here believes in a community for ALL people. And we strive to not only build up the community but also one another while also continuing to share our deep love for handcraft.