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The Love Match of the Social Season!

For the love match of the social season world-renowned design house, Liberty Fabrics, and Netflix’s critically acclaimed series, Bridgerton, have collaborated in preparation for dressing the ladies of the town with an exclusive fabric collection. From debutants to duchesses, the dukes are sure to swoon at this year’s Diamond of the Season.

We are so excited to stock 18 of the Tana Lawn cottons from this collection and hope you love them as much as we do. We thought you might want a bit more background on the prints that have been divided into three atmospheric chapters: Penelope’s Garden, Regency Bouquet, and Botanical Trellis. Showcasing a diverse array of charming blooms, from highly intricate floral renderings to decadent bouquets, the series evokes a sense of romantic charm.

Penelope's Garden: Penelope’s Garden pays homage to the beautiful garden settings of the Regency era, where dramatic botanical displays create captivating backdrops. From exuberant bouquets tied with silk ribbons to wicker baskets abundant with freshly picked blooms, these archival treasures enthrall the imagination. Drawing from an eclectic fusion of design styles, this chapter provides the perfect opportunity for opulent and extravagant prints, setting the scene in spectacular Bridgerton fashion.

We can't wait to make summer dresses in Bow Bouquet, Garland Hampers, and Regency Trail.

Regency Bouquet: Abundant with vividly exuberant blooms, Regency Bouquet is a visual feast of floral grandeur. Inspired by the lavish costumes, formal soirées, and lively garden parties depicted in the Bridgerton series, these beautiful, curated bouquets are characterized by a sense of realism. Rich color contrasts, careful brushwork, and the contrast of highlights and shadows turn the spotlight on show-stopping arrangements. Accentuated with voluminous petals for added dramatic sophistication, roses, carnations, anemones, poppies, lilies, delphinium, camellias, and tulips exude luxury and decadence.

The vibrancy of Ribbon Cascade and Bouquet Parade is perfect for a pajama set while Posy Corsage cries out to become a sweet blouse.

Botanical Trellis: The most delicate of the three floral chapters, Botanical Trellis features a series of tiny, highly intricate renderings of flowers. Showcasing a wide range of charming blooms such as roses, daisies, bluebells, and forget-me-nots, these designs also incorporate meandering trails of refined, floating foliage and scattered posies. Influenced by nature’s exquisite forms, this curated selection of hand-painted artworks evokes a sense of understated elegance and romance.

Regal Blossom, Garden Blooms, and Amelie Luise cry romance and we can imagine all three prints working beautifully as Tea House Dresses.

We can't wait to see what YOU make! Be sure to tag us #MadeWithGH or send a photo. We love to oooooo and aaaahhh over your creations. And don't worry, we'll share what we make, too! #Polin4Eva