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Summer Craft Nite

Thanks to a generous grant from the City of Cambridge Community Development Department we are able to offer craftivity programming in Inman Square this summer. Join us in July and August from 5-8 PM in Vellucci Plaza. Bring your craft if you already have something you are working on. Or you can assist us in creating a Liberty Crochet Mural! We'll have plenty of red and pink yarn and we can crochet together to fight for the freedom to choose.

For those of you that are wondering why it's outdoors and not inside gather here, the demand for our workshops are just too high and we can't skip an evening of sewing basics (or knitting basics for that matter). Did you know that there were 60 sewing basics spots available at the last class launch and they filled in the first 23 minutes? We tried to find an alternative indoor location in Inman Square but with no success - neighboring businesses sited the cost of additional staffing and/or lack of staff. If you've attended Craft Nite in the past then you know we make a point of having at least one gather here staff member present to lend their expertise and provide craft encouragement.