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How Pick-Up Works!

We made this thorough infographic to illustrate *all* the steps to selecting curbside/sidewalk contactless pickup. It's way more work than shipping or delivery but if you want to see our foreheads this is *everything* you need to do and all the various information you'll receive along the way. We have found that the gather here website works best on Chrome or Firefox. So make sure you are using one of these browsers for a smoother online experience. Graphic ONE is all about selecting pickup when checking out. Graphic TWO is all about scheduling your pickup.

If you've read to the end - hooray! Don't forget - we'll meet you on Oak Street. Not at the front door. You'd be surprised how many folx try to rush in the door when we open it to talk to USPS. There is overlap in appointments so practice social distancing (we've chalk painted some balls of yarn and spools of thread to help) and make sure to wear a face covering.

Please don't text us if it's raining and you don't feel like coming to pick up your order. We aren't thrilled about walking out in the rain all afternoon but we'll do it because we want you to get your awesome crafting supplies.


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