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Fill A Bag (FAB) Sidewalk Sale!

As part of Inman Eats and Crafts and in celebration of gathering outdoors, we're having a Sidewalk Sale! A bit like the "old days" on Broadway but with a twist! We'll have three different size bags that you can purchase and FILL. We're calling it a FAB Sale! (We didn't invent this term, we found it on the internet.)

For $25, $75, or $150 (you could also buy two $25 bags or a $25 AND $75 bag - it's up to YOU!) you get a colorful bag that you can fill with yarn, fabric, and patterns. Yes, we'll have all kinds of good stuff under a tent and we would love for you to make something with it! Build your stash, finally grab some of that limited edition color or try out a yarn you've been dreaming about.

For anyone who hasn't shopped one of our sales, we aren't offloading "damaged goods". These are products we love but maybe we only have just a single skein of a particular dye lot or the last bit of a bolt. You'll find discontinued patterns and books. And we'll have some exclusive gather here products out there, too. You won't want to miss the biggest sale of 2021!