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2023 FAB (fill-a-bag) Sale!

It's our favorite time of the year! Inman Eats AND Crafts! Come experience all the joys of Inman Square on Sunday, May 21, 2023 - live music, great food, artists and craftspeople, and the small businesses that make our neighborhood special. AND come and shop our Annual Sidewalk Sale - bringing back the super sale by-the-yard fabrics as well as our Fill-A-Bag with discontinued yarn, fabrics, patterns, and more. We will also have a rack of store samples which are made by us but the fabric is no longer available or the pattern is discontinued.

Like in past years, you have three bag choices: SMALL ($30), MEDIUM ($85), and LARGE ($150). And you can buy more than one bag! Just want patterns and books? Get TWO small bags. Want some yarn with that? Grab a small and medium bag!

And don't feel like all the "good stuff" will be gone in the first hour! We'll be bringing out "good stuff" (hello!!!! we only carry good stuff!) all afternoon long. FYI: all sales final. Many of these products cannot be re-ordered and that's why they are on sale. Get the last skein...

The Annual Sidewalk Sale is an in-person event - sorry faraway friends.