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Alive Sticky Patch

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3.25" high x 2.5" wide embroidered patch. Super easy peel & stick adhesive backing. Can be ironed onto fabric for extra hold.

These patches were designed with the intention of being useable on most phone cases to add a little textile flourish to your everyday device. They are made with fewer light colors so they won't scuff up quickly, the polyester thread can be spot cleaned with a little bit of mild soap and water. When you're ready to switch it out, peel off and use goo gone on the phone case to remove any sticky residue!

Patches also works beautifully on most garments, bags, hats, and anything else you can think of that generally accepts stickers! These patches are washable - once out of the wash, wait for the garment to dry before patting the patch back down to re-stick it. Stitching the patch down is recommended for garments that go through the wash often.

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