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Addi - Turbo Lace 32" Circular Knitting Needles - US1 / 2.5mm -

Lace 32" Circular Knitting Needles

$ 17.00

Addi Lace circular needles were created for precise knitting and are ideal for lace, sock and all-around knitting. The considerably more tapered and sharper all-brass tips and a ultra-pliable blue cord make this addition to the addi® line a best seller.

Sizes are listed in approximate US sizes and exact metric sizes for your convenience. All Addi needles are manufactured to exact metric sizes.

Length from tip to tip: 32"/80cm.
Also available in 16"/40cm24"/60cm, and 40"/100cm lengths.

Addi needles are available in TurboLace, and Rocket tips.
The original Turbo features a standard tip and slick, nickel-plated turbo finish.
The Lace features a long taper and sharper tip with a treated brass finish.
The Rockets combines the long taper and sharp tip of the Lace with the slick nickel-plated finish of the original Turbo.

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