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Organic Indigo Dye Kit

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The magic of blue ~ believe it or not blue is a rare color in natural dyes! These kits are great for your creative, eco-minded self, or provide an exciting opportunity to dye your own merch and more! Including full instructions, this kit has all the supplies necessary to make a small indigo vat.

With premium quality *organic* indigo, natural minerals, and alkali, all you need to supply is a bucket, water, and clean fibers to dye. Expect to dye up to 5 yards of cloth/clothing. While mineral indigo vats have been in use for hundreds of years and are all natural and safe to use, this type of vat is not recommended to dye items for child or pet use.

As with many indigo vats, use of gloves is recommended, as the alkaline solution can seriously dry out your skin. (We have a salve for that!)
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