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Microcosm Publishing & Distribution-Home Ec for Everyone: Practical Life Skills in 118 Projects-book-gather here online

Home Ec for Everyone: Practical Life Skills in 118 Projects

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Discover the tremendous pleasure of learning how to do it yourself how to cook, sew, clean, and more, the way it used to be taught in Home Ec class. With illustrated and clear step-by-step instructions, plus relevant charts, lists, and handy graphics, Home Ec for Everyone offers a crash course in learning 118 practical life skills-everything from frosting the perfect birthday cake to fixing a zipper to whitening a dingy T-shirt to packing a suitcase (the right way). It’s all made clear in plain, nontechnical language for any level of DIYer, homeowners and renters, new adults, and anyone who wants to be more self-sufficient at home. It also comes with a guarantee: No matter how simple the task, doing it with your own two hands provides a feeling of accomplishment that no app or device will ever give you.
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