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Precision Quilting Tools-Wool Ironing Mat 14”x14”-sewing notion-gather here online

Wool Ironing Mat 14”x14”

Precision Quilting Tools

$ 42.49 - Usually

  • PERFORMANCE: This 100% Wool Ironing Mat retains heat, so when you iron your fabric it's like ironing from both sides at the same time! This makes it faster to press and results in flatter seams.
  • EFFICIENT PRESSING: This thick wool pad will keep your fabric stable while ironing to minimize stretching. Projects including yarn and embroidery can be pinned into the wool for easy blocking.
  • QUALITY: Made with 100% New Zealand Wool which is recognized as the finest in the world and known for its dense wool fibers. Our superior wool mats are smooth and free from ridges which results in a professional ironing experience.
  • PORTABLE FOR TRAVEL: The 1/2" density provides extra protection for any ironing surface. Try your Ironing Mat at any location and create an ironing station that suits your needs! Perfect for quilting classes, guilds, retreats, or anywhere in your home workspace.

Care Instructions:

  • Wool Ironing mats are made with premium wool, so use can use any setting on your iron including the wool setting when pressing.  
  • We do not recommend using steam when ironing, as the wool is a porous material so the steam may go through.  For best results we recommend using a dry iron.  Best press can be used as well.
  • The premium New Zealand wool means the mats don't have a strong sheep smell.

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