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Water Erasable Fabric Marking Blue Pen

$ 11.59 - Usually

Are you having trouble with fabric marking?

Struggling with removing markings? Quick-drying marker? Thick lines not satisfactory? Plan your DIY, transfer your designs and mark any fabric with full control! We provide a quality pen that could take your mark further.

Mark Any Fabric With Full Control!

1. Easily removable with water and leave no trace behind

It uses Japan's high-quality ink formulation, which effectively dissolves or washes away markings, leaving no trace behind.

2. Fine-tip pen for smooth writing

It utilizes a superior pen tip from Japan and features a narrow and firm shape that ensures precision, allowing for smooth and accurate lines.

3. Clear lines with verified 500m guarantee

Despite its smaller size, our marker won't waste any ink and ensures that all ink is used up without drying out easily. You can enjoy up to 500m (1640 ft) of use before needing a refill, as verified by our writing test machine.

How to use

1. Draw
Mark or transfer your favorite designs on fabric

2. Erase
Use a damp towel to wipe off the markings or wash with water.

Avoid ironing your project before wiping off the pen marks! Ironing can set the markings, making them harder to remove.

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