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Merchant & Mills - Laundered Linen in Sunrise Stripe - Default -

Sitra Stripe Laundered Linen

Merchant & Mills

$ 35.00

Sitra Stripe features a very warm rusty background with a golden oat colored stripe. Suitable for dresses, tops, loose trousers, and slouchy jackets.

European laundered linen, tumbled at the mill for softness. This linen is yarn dyed, meaning the yarns are dyed before being woven. This linen is produced in small batches in Eastern Europe where there is a strong heritage of spinning and weaving linen fabric.

  • 100% linen, Oeko-Tex certified.
  • Approximate fabric width: 59" (150cm)
  • Stripe repeat: 0.75" (1.9 cm)
  • If you are using this linen for curtains we recommend using a lining to prevent fading.

Machine wash cold with a non bio detergent. Do not tumble. Shake out and dry flat. Linen will always seize up after washing but as soon as you start to use/wear it the fibres relax again.

Formerly Sunrise Stripe Linen

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