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Resistance Dolls with Kimberly Becker

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Creating something with your hands can be a calming experience.  Kimberly Becker makes dolls. In fact, she is making a doll every day until Kavanaugh is impeached.

Join Kimberly and learn to make a Resistance Doll.  Each person will leave with a doll of their own creation.  The dolls are made primarily from recycled clothing.  The class will include some machine stitching, some hand stitching and lots of open-ended discussion about what matters to us in the year 2019.

We will supply a healthy amount of used clothing to cut up, ribbon and silk flowers and stuffing for the dolls.  You are welcome to bring used clothing of your own to incorporate (densely knit sweaters and printed cotton work really well).  Another great option is to purchase a quarter of a yard of printed cotton at Gather Here to make your dolls clothing.

Limited to 5 students (16 yrs of age or older); minimum of 2 students required for class to meet. If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will receive a full refund. 

  • Level:  adventurous beginner, you feel good holding a needle in your hand.
  • We provide: Kimberly Becker! Stuffing, thread, tools, machines, and handsewing needles.
  • You bring:  yourself and your enthusiasm. Fabric that means something to you for your doll's wardrobe. And if you use reading glasses, you should totally bring those.
  • Class length: approximately 4 hours


Online participants will:
  • Need to pickup supplies prior to the class session.
  • Receive a workshop invitation link the day of the workshop.
In person participants must be symptom free to enter the store and attend in person.

$ 85.00
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