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Pants and Shorts Pattern

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Make your kids the perfect pair of Pants or Shorts! This pattern has been designed with a slightly dropped crotch, an easy-to-wear relaxed fit, practical pockets and the option to make shorts or pants. The pants can be hemmed simply or elasticated to give a harem style look. They are basic styles, also perfectly suited to being used as pajama bottoms. Simple and quick to sew, this is a versatile pattern, perfect for when it’s the print of the fabric that is the main event.

For best results we recommend woven cotton fabrics to make the Pants or Shorts.

Quilting Cotton - 112cm (44") wide
Pants: size 2-3: 90cm (1 yd); 4-5: 1m (1.25 yds); 6-7: 1.1m (1.25 yds)
Shorts: size 2-3: 65cm; 4-5: 70cm (1 yd) ; 6-7: 75cm (1 yd)

Mid-weight Cotton - 137cm (54") wide
Pants: size 2-3: 75cm (1 yd); 4-5: 80cm (1 yd); 6-7: 90cm (1 yd)
Shorts: size 2-3: 65cm (0.75 yd); 4-5: 70cm (1 yd); 6-7: 75cm (1 yd)

All pattern pieces provided include a 1cm seam allowance, cut along your chosen fabric and you're ready to sew.

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