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Machine Clinic - Bernina/Bernette

Meet Your Bernina

If you've recently purchased or received a Bernina or Bernette from gather here, you can get to know your machine in this two hour workshop. There's a workbook! There are fabric samples to stitch on. You'll learn the basics of operating your new machine and leave feeling more confident about tackling a lifetime of projects.

Limited to 4 students(16 yrs of age or older)

  • Level:  beginner
  • We provide:  the expertise! workbooks, thread, fabric. We'll be working through Workbook 1 in class.
  • You bring:  yourself and your sewing machine – don’t forget to bring any bobbins, feet, power cord, the manual & whatever you have that goes with your machine! If you have purchased a 215, 330, 350, 530, 570, Next Gen 535, 770 or 790 we have these machines in our studio so are happy to allow you to use the appropriate machine.
  • Class length:  2 1/2 hours
  • Cost:  Complimentary for new owners who have purchased a Bernina from gather here in the last year.
    • If you didn't receive a discount code contact us and we'll send you one right away.


MyBERNINA Workbook 1 - Basic Operation

MyBERNINA Workbook 2 - Stitch Fun

MyBERNINA Workbook 3 - Creative Options

MyBERNINA Workbook 4 - Embroidery


MyBERNINA 880 Mastery 1 - Meet Your Machine

MyBERNINA 880 Mastery 2 - So Many Stitches

MyBERNINA 880 Mastery 3 - Not Directionally Challenged

MyBERNINA 880 Mastery 4 - More Stitches with Stitch Designer

MyBERNINA 880 Mastery 5 - Smooth Operators

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