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Fringe Supply Co.

"High-Fiber" letterpress print

In the winter of 2012, the Fringe Supply Company designed a tote bag with this funny expression that they had come up with: "Wool is an essential part of any high-fiber diet." There are now thousands of those tote bags wandering the land, but meanwhile many have asked if they couldn't have a version for their wall at home. After seeing what a beautiful job Milkfed Press did with the Yarn Pyramid print, they decided to do a small print version of this as well.

It will look just as good stuck to the pinboard over your desk as it will framed in your living room or studio. And it's destined to hang alongside the Yarn Pyramid, of course.

  • designed and printed in California
  • 8 x 10 inches (making it easy to pop into a standard off-the-shelf frame)
  • black on ecru Crane & Co. cotton card stock
  • unframed

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$ 12.00