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CozyBlue - Full Circle Embroidery Pattern - Default -


Full Circle Embroidery Pattern

You can make yours however you like.... choose your favorite colors of floss, and start stitching. Soon you'll have a full circle of color and design.

here's what you'll get:

  • paper iron-on pattern transfer (image is reversed)
  • full color postcard with image on the front and transfer and materials information on back.

Note: while all other cozyblue embroidery patterns come with more specific stitch and color guides, this one is full of random stitches and colors, so it does not.
the stitches used are: split, back, lazy daisy, stem, satin, and french knots.

Odds and ends of floss were used in the example, so there isn't a list of colors used. Cozyblue highly recommends lots of random colors -- this design is really fun when you don't over think it.

*finished size is approximately 6.5" high -- fits nicely in a 7" hoop.

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