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Fabric Face Mask with ties

$ 14.95

These are Ready To Ship fabric face masks designed and made by the gather here team. With the launch of our give 1, get 1 campaign two months ago, we realized we had a surplus of pieces of many of the fabrics we chose for each week's themes. We have since created batches of masks for those of you looking to purchase a mask immediately. Fabric ties are great for all day wear should you find yourself needing to wear a fabric face mask for work (like we do).
  • The masks are made from two layers of cotton (120 - 200 thread count exterior). The lining is made from 240 thread count organic cotton sateen. 
  • * Please note colors and fabrics may vary as we move through supplies *
  • gather here masks are designed with an opening in the lining for a filter. Not everyone has access to filters though but in the event that you do, you have the ability to add it. We recommend Scott Shop Heavy Duty Towels available at your local hardware store!
  • These ready to ship masks come with embedded nose pieces made from .032 aluminum bends for a snug fit and reduces eyewear fogging. You can remove the nose piece through the filter opening.

If you're looking to make masks for yourself or for donation, we have kits & supplies available.

Fabric face masks are not direct substitutes for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are not FDA approved.

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