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Eyeball Patch 3-Pack

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3 eyeball patches to adorn wherever you need another eye (or 3)! 
The eye is one of the most widely used symbols in the world with a variety of meanings and interpretations. Many believe the eye to hold powers of protection, strength, and wisdom. May these eyes bring you all that you seek.

  • 3 patch pack
  • patches mounted on cardstock backing, includes iron-on instructions
  • each patch measures 1.5" in diameter
  • iron-on backing

instructions for ironing:

Place the patch on your garment and cover the patch with a piece of fabric. Iron on high heat for 30-45 seconds. Turn the garment inside-out and iron on reverse side of the patch for 30-45 seconds. Allow the patch to cool down.

*Sewing on the patch is recommended for garments that will be washed often.

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