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A Pattern Alteration Workshop that meets 4 times

Imagine it! Make it! Use the techniques we learn in this book to make any pattern just a starting point because you'll have the skills to customize a pattern for you or someone you love. In graduate school, Virginia learned to make quarter size garments so if you don't have a small human to sew for, think of this as your quarter size project. A great way to learn pattern alterations without tons of yardage.

Limited to 4 students (16 yrs of age or older); 50% enrollment required for class to meet. If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will receive a full refund.

  • Level: Advanced. You have successfully completed a number of clothing construction classes and are confident using measuring devices and a sewing machine. 
  • We provide:  the studio space, tools, machines and expertise.
  • You bring:  A copy of the The Building Block Dress (book available in the store) and the pattern drafting kit (contains a french curve, mini clear ruler, pounce wheel, washi tape, swedish tracing paper, tailor's chalk).
    • We offer 15% off materials purchased for any of our classes. 
  • Class length:  3 hours each session. Meets 4 times.
  • Instructor: Virginia Johnson

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