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Apron Dress - meets twice

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The Assembly Line Apron Dress is a workwear inspired design with straps crossing at back. The skirt is opened with a back pleat and closed with buttons. It features large front pockets and button/pleat opening at back. The button/pleat is how the waist is defined but also allows the garment to slip on and off over shoulders or hips. Pretty much the perfect garment for multi-tasking.

Limited to 4 students (16 yrs of age or older); 2 students are required for class to meet. If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will receive a full refund.

  • Level:  Adventurous beginner.  You know how to thread a machine, sew a straight line and wind a bobbin. You've taken sewing basics and have made some pj pants.
  • We provide:  The studio space, tracing paper, tools and expertise.
  • You bring: a copy of the pattern (available in-store), fabric you love (yardage is based on your measurements, refer to pattern) suggested fabrics are denim, light canvas, twill, bark cloth, or linen/cotton blend, plus two buttons for back and coordinating thread for button holes and visible top stitching.
    Reminder: if you are taking this workshop remotely you must have an operational sewing machine, basic sewing tools and notions, Swedish tracing paper, as well as a buttonhole foot.
  • Class length:  3 per session for a total of 6 hours. You will need to stitch between classes to achieve all the awesome topstitching.
Online participants will:
  • Need to pickup supplies prior to the class session.
  • Receive a workshop invitation link the day of the workshop.
In person participants must be symptom free to enter the store and attend in person.

$ 85.00
You can read gather here's class policies (if you're interested)!