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Tana Lawn - Himuro Sky

$39.72 / yard

Using scans from artist Yuri Himuro’s highly textured jacquard fabric designs, this charming conversational print depicts soaring objects such as aeroplanes, umbrellas and flying fish. A strong vehicle for colour, the design showcases the textures of the exquisite thread-snipping technique for which the artist is renowned.

  • 100% Cotton Lawn
  • Fine weight
  • Approximate fabric width: 54 inches
  • Collection: From Japan With Love
  • Care: machine wash warm, line dry

“The first thing I do when looking at historic woven textiles is to turn them over to see the original colours on the back – they’re not faded by light exposure and can be unexpectedly vibrant, often with an abstract quality. I like how Yuri Himuro has removed parts of the weave and introduced figurative elements to an abstract design.” – Anna Buruma, Head Archivist

Collection: From Japan With Love
Textile designer Yuri Himuro creates collections that explore the unique and often surprising results that occur from interactions between people and textiles. Specialising in jacquard weaving and cutting, Himuro often snips away the surface section of the threads to create new and unexpected colours and shapes.

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