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Tiny Jar of Increase Stitch Markers

girl on the rocks

$ 16.50

Tiny, lightweight and informative, these stitch markers will help you keep your place in your knitting pattern.

This set of 8 teeny markers are fitted with a ring that fits up to a US3 needle. They are labelled with ‘M1R’ and ‘M1L’ for ‘make 1 right’ and ‘make 1 left’ and can be a big help when knitting socks or complicated lacy patterns. The set includes 4 M1R and 4 M1L markers in a cute glass jar.

-Flippable: The stitch markers lay flat against your work and only have writing on one side. when you have a pattern when the increases need to happen every other row, perform the increase, then flip the marker to the blank side when you slip the marker. When you come around to the markers on the next round and the blank side is up, don’t do the increase, flip and slip the markers.

-Use with larger needles: This set includes removable metal bulb-style opening stitch markers that fit larger needles. Open them up and hang your marker on there to use with sweaters, scarves, etc.

Each marker is very tiny and measures less than 1/4 inch across.

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