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Labor Day - CLOSED

We are closed in observance of Labor Day.

In the "before times" this weekend would be the End of Summer Sale but that was when it was fun to gather in large groups and dig through fat quarters shoulder to shoulder with strangers indoors. With new mask mandates in place and the Delta variant doing it's thing in communities all over the world, we're just going to take Sunday and Monday off.

We hope you are also resting and preparing for the continuation of "uncertain times". Not sure why we thought a year later this would "all be behind us" but we hope that come Labor Day 2022 that will be the case. Gotta have hope, right?

For those of you that read all these words, we decided to reactivate last year's discount code "LABORDAY" which will save you 15% off all orders over $50 while we are closed for recuperation. (As always, this excludes classes, machines, private lessons, studio time, gift cards, and things of that nature.)