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September 2020 Book Club - The Disaster Tourist

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It seems like an eternity ago since we announced our 2020 Book Club focused on the Climate Crisis. We hope you are still reading and thinking about the planet while you stay at home and try not to get overwhelmed by the news. Join the conversation with scholar, writer, and literature teacher, Alisa Braithwaite. "With this year’s book club I hope to feed three birds with one seed: get us thinking about perspectives that are not always privileged, remind us of the importance of the humanities (and literature in particular!) in fighting for social justice, and prepare us for the challenge of the upcoming election season."

The Disaster Artist Yun Ko-Eun

Yun’s first novel to be published in English is a dizzying adventure that exposes the ethically fraught connection between environmental tragedy and capitalism. Yona works for Jungle, a travel agency that specializes in trips to disaster zones. When her position at her job becomes tenuous, she begins her own adventure at one of the agency’s destinations: Mui, an island deemed too sedate to continue as a disaster destination. What follows is part-thriller and part-moral quandary. How devastating can the impact of the tourist’s gaze be???

You might like this book you’re desperately missing travel as a result of #quarantine, you’re excited to see more Korean writers translated into English, you enjoy reading crises of conscience.

For fans of thrillers, women protagonists, world literature

Available from some of our favorite local bookstores: Porter Square Books and Harvard Square Books.

And good news for library lovers! You can request a book and pick it up at the Cambridge Public Library! And our September title is available!

Limited to 12 participants (16 yrs of age or older); this event is free but we do require you register so we can all chat online!

  • Level:  Intermediate (you are working on your own project and we won't let you fail but this event is mostly for talking about the book and a little bit about you knitting/crochet/embroidery/paper-piecing)
  • We provide: lively discussion and great company
  • You bring: yourself and join us online for a conversation. You can totally make yourself a drink - we definitely will have a glass of wine on hand!
  • Event length: 1 1/2 hours
  • You'll receive a link to the online discussion which will start at 4 PM


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