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Meet Sophia - Studio Monitor & Instructor

Sophia joined the team during the pandemic as we started planning our in-person workshops and studio time again. Having the studio open to people who don’t have the space or access to tools and machinery has always been an important part of gather here so it was exciting to have someone capable of providing sewing advice and technical assistance.

When did you start making things?
As early as I can remember! My mom used to get me those plastic cross-stitch kits when I was in kindergarten, and I probably picked up crochet not long after. I learned just about everything from her. Then in high-school I started to really push myself to learn more sewing in order to help out backstage for my school’s Drama Club. I absolutely fell in love and haven’t stopped since.

What's your favorite thing to make?
Period/vintage garments mostly, but I like making anything unconventional, projects that require problem-solving or learning a new skill.

What do you like the most about joining the gather here team?
I’ve loved seeing all the customers come in with their projects. It’s such a great community to be a part of, so many enthusiastic makers!

What's your favorite tool?
How can I pick just one?! I don’t know if it counts as a tool, but I’d probably choose my LED floor lamp. Working in dim light drives me nuts! I don’t think I would have gotten a single project done all winter if it wasn’t for the excellent work lighting it’s given me.

What do you do when you aren't making things?
I’m a pretty big board/card game nerd, so I might be playing Dungeons & Dragons, Cribbage, or some other board game. It’s all online these days, but there are some great tools that have been making it all possible!

What has been a source of joy during the pandemic?
Maybe it sounds cheesy, but joining Gather Here! Getting to be around so many makers has been truly delightful. I’m always so happy to see people come in with their projects, but seeing our students pick up new skills and watching this new maker avenue open up for them can’t be beat! Except, of course, by my partner and our two cats, Milo and Cool.

You can encourage Sophia to post her sewing or her cats on Instagram @sophiabaramidze