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Meet Lindsay - Assistant Manager

When people say “Boston is small.” they aren’t wrong. Virginia has known Lindsay for over a decade because she has been a patron of Rudy’s Cafe in Teele Square where Lindsay worked for many years. Lindsay’s decision to join the team during the pandemic because she was ready for a change meant a lot to us. We’re so glad she’s here.

When did you start making things?
My Yiayia taught me how to crochet when I was about ten years old. I fell in love with machine sewing in middle school. I thought I was cursed because I would immediately break every needle. I would wait all week to get a new pack of needles and they’d all be broken by the end of the weekend. I think the old Singer machine just needed a cleaning! I did not realize this back then so I gave it up. I picked it back up about 10 years ago when I met a cool couple who told me they owned a fabric store.

What's your favorite thing to make?
Clothes! I haven’t attempted anything too complicated. I love 100 Acts of Sewing creator, Sonya Philip’s statement and patterns. I also enjoy making Barbie clothes for my 5 (almost 6!) and 3 year old nieces. Like, I’m really enjoying it.

What do you like the most about joining the gather here team?
It’s been really great learning from the team. There are so many great products in the shop, I like to ask their thoughts on different things. I also like to eavesdrop while they give advice. There’s always something to learn! It’s nice just talking to other crafty people. I didn’t really have that crafty community before. PS. You don’t have to work at gather here to be a part of a crafty community, you just have to come by.

What's your favorite tool?
Just one?! Okay, all tied for first: my serger, Cricut, and studio carta scissors.

What do you do when you aren't making things?
I am always making things but I also enjoy watching the Celtics with my partner, David, and playing with our 11 year old Boston Terrier, Grace. We have a 10 month old German Shepherd puppy nephew, Jordan, who lives upstairs. We like to spend time chasing him around the yard and giving him belly rubs.

What has been a source of joy during the pandemic?
It’s been a rough one...I feel extremely lucky for having my family and friends stay mostly healthy over the last year. My heart aches for people who have lost their loved ones.

You can check out Lindsay's creative endeavors as well as the dogs in her life on Instagram @lraelrae.