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Meet Harriette - Craft Associate

When we started to prepare for some version of being "open" in 2021 we needed to find some fiber help. Harriette joined the team in February, learning how things worked in the "before times" as well as how things were operating in the "uncertain times". For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of meeting Harriette in-person, we're excited to introduce you to her here!

When did you start making things?
My mom is a teacher and one of the benefits as a very bookish child was taking home leftover books from the book fair. The summer before high school started, my mom brought home a pile of leftover books but that year there was also a "learn to knit kit" with bamboo needles and 2 balls of blue yarn and red yarn. It was just a way for us to spend time together during the summer but once we figured out the instructions, it just kind of clicked for me. By the time I got to college, there were tons of YouTube videos and knitting podcasts and knitting circles I could join; an entire world opened up to me just from a kit.

What's your favorite thing to make?
It's always changing! I just cleaned out my Ravelry favorites page and it was like opening a time capsule for patterns (linen tops, lace weight shawls, cabled hats, and Doctor Who mittens). I think I'll always have a new thing on the needles, but I love casting on a triangular scarf with some lace and texture and there's always an embroidery kit around.

What is the thing you have enjoyed the most about joining the gather here team?
Working with other crafty people, I love hearing what everyone is making at home and every shift is so fun! I really like our patrons; everyone envisions fabric, or yarn, or a pattern differently and getting to help folks think through a knitting question or cutting fabric is very rewarding. I've also learned a lot in the past 6 months about other crafts and am really looking forward to trying out new skills.

What's your favorite tool?
My interchangeable needle set; that was one of my first big crafting purchases and I felt like I had moved to the next "level". If I want to start something new, it takes seconds to set up, provided the needles and cord aren't occupied with another project.

What do you do when you aren't making things?
During the day, I am a project coordinator at the Broad Institute on the scientific partnerships team. It's not so dissimilar to my work at gather here; a good finished object uses project management! But other than that, I love mystery novels, crossword puzzles and trivia, and baking on a small scale.

What has been a source of joy during the pandemic?
I adopted my first cat and she has been an endless source of joy and a great alarm clock. But also listening to podcasts which goes great with knitting and I had a podcast for all of my interests (election anxiety, true cons/scams, pop culture).

You can see what Harriette is making and check out her cat on Instagram @harriettecarrington.